The Centerville CO-OP has been serving the community since 1921. In the span of our 100+ year history, we have earned the trust of our customers as dependable for local and area farmers, helping to ensure the success and sustainability of the farming community. The Coop offers custom feed mixes, bulk fertilizer, hydraulic hoses, and tires, along with tire repair services and more. These essential resources and services help farmers maintain their equipment and improve their crop yields, making the coop an integral part of the farming industry in the region.

What sets us apart from the other guys is our wide range of products and services that are not commonly recognized by local consumers, including wood pellets, pet food, softener salt, bird feed, and food items such as eggs, cheese, and butter, all of which are available for purchase.

After a hundred years, we are proud to be still called your local neighborhood CO-OP. Stop in to chat with the team while stocking up on your home and farm needs. We look forward to your visit!